Best Softball Players of All Time

Every sport has some famous players who have inspired generations and have taken forward their respective sport to the global map. Softball, we all know is one of the best games played mostly in the US.

It has always been extremely popular and one of the most sought after sports in the US. This is a team game that has gained recognition around the world. This is basically a derived form of baseball. And this popular game has found its entry in the Olympics as well. And here I will tell you about the famous softball players in brief.

Like all other games, softball does have some special players. What I mean by the word ‘special’ is their ability to play the game. There are many whom I have seen closely.

Here I would mention the name of a few players who have not only contributed largely in this game but have earned recognition for this game as well.

My list of players may not be similar to yours. One of the reasons behind this is that my list is not created by the players who are big scorers.

In fact, I have considered the technical knowledge, the presence of mind and last but not the least their character – both off the field and on the field. So, let’s get started with the best of all time.

1. Jennie Finch

This name has hardly required any introduction. This is one of the popular names in the game of softball and I am also a fan of this mid-thirty girl. She is truly an inspiration for this game and I must tell you that she has inspired a lot of young girls to play softball. She was born on 3rd September 1980.

At the age of five, she started playing softball and at the age of eight, she started pitching. This is really amazing. Her initial training was from her father. I have seen her training in the field and I was so impressed by her dedication. She is the right ambassador of the game. She has won gold in 2004 Summer Olympics.

2. Lisa Fernandez

If I have to take a name of a softball player with a natural flair of the game, it has to be Lisa Fernandez. Yes, she is one of the best softball players I have seen in my career with natural talent.

She was a very bright student and somehow I think she has always used her intellectuality in the game that had made her different from many other players.

She was born in 1971, 22nd February. She started playing at the age of 8 and soon joined her school team. She led her team in 1994 and was a part of the US Women’s Olympic Softball Team. She is a coach at UCLA now.

3. Michele Mary Smith

Michele reminds me my old days. I have grown up watching Michele Mary. She was a fantastic softball player with some rare talent. She was very calm and had won countless games for her team.

And this is perhaps the reason why she is two-time gold medalist for Olympic softball team. Michele was born on 21st June 1967. She has been a part of Japanese Professional Softball League.

She is one of the finest ambassadors of the game. And I think she is equally talented as a softball analyst. In 2006 she was introduced in the Softball Hall of Fame, something that she deserves completely.

4. Danielle Lawrie

Compared to all other players, Danielle is quite young. I am talking about Danielle Lawrie, my next favorite in the list. She was a right-handed hitting pitcher and was born on 11th April 1987.

During her time, she was named as the most valuable player of the game. I had the opportunity to see her and meet her quite a few times. And I have always liked her passion for the game.

She started with Pac-10 2006 Second Team. She represented the Canadian National Team in 2008 Olympics.

5. Angela Tincher

Angela Tincher is a right-handed softball pitcher born in 1985 on 16th December. She is actually from Virginia and has played for the Virginia Tech Softball team from 2005 to 2008.

In the year 2013, she was named as the Virginia Tech Softball team pitching coach.

She caught the limelight after signing a $20 million multi-year deal with Akron Racers. She was selected for the All-NPF Team in 2008. She is one of the five pitchers in the NCAA division I to get 100wins and 1000 strikeouts.

6. Stacey Nuveman

I have always liked the style of playing of Stacy Nuveman. She is also a very good player of the game. She was born in 1978 on April 26th. She is a right-handed hitting softball player from California. She has played in the position of a catcher in the UCLA Bruins.

She has been a part of the two times Olympic gold medal and one-time silver medal winning USA team. She started playing softball at the age of 10.

She was very promising since the beginning. She started her career in 2000 Summer Olympics and assisted her team in winning gold. She has been inducted as NPF All-Stars.

7. Taryne Mowatt

She may be the last name in my list but I am a big fan of her play. She is a right-handed pitcher originally from California.

She started her career with Arizona Wildcats and in the year 2007 in Women’s College World Series, she was named as the Most Outstanding Player.

She won two more awards in the same year. One is for the Best Female Athlete and one is for the Best Female College Athlete. I have been watching her game since the beginning of her career.


Well, these are the 7 most famous softball players who according to me are the best of the game. There are lots of other players without any doubt and mentioning all of them in such a small time and space is not at all possible. All these 7 players are a good ambassador of the game and I do acknowledge their contribution in the game and its recognition beyond the boundaries.

Ricky J Oslen

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